Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Journey of the Traveling Hoodie

We received quite an exciting project from Hang Ten that required us to work in a team of two and design a Hoodie. This was me & Andrew Fouché. The concept for this project was; ‘the journey of the traveling hoodie.’ Design wise we were free to do as we pleased, but the hoodie had to resemble our experience of a night out.
Our experiences of our night out opened a interesting concept. Based on the Wizard of Oz's Yellow Brick road.

Waking up with a fuzzy head trying to piece together the series of events that led up to this blurred, vague, somewhat out of body recollection of the previous night, the best description i could try and give would be the feeling of looking out the window of Dorothy's house as it gets carried off to the land of Oz in the whirl wind. Each character along the yellow brick road represents a peak in the night, landmarked by a memory of a friend and a specific influence they had on our night. During the initial concept brainstorming session the pigeons from DUT helped themselves to our lunch while we were deep in conversation, represented as the "flying monkeys" from Oz.At the start of the night (after assaulting the ATM) the first character is Mitch, my roommate who failed to pay the rent, glooming over the whole night, sending me on a night out with the intention of forgetting most things (including my name and address). The second is the wicked witch, representing Belinda, the owner of the Winston pub, who i hadn't seen in ages (as i used to live with her), who utterly insisted that the two of us come to the Winston for its 16th birthday bash and refused to accept no as an answer. The 3rd character is Flap, a mate of ours who without fail, gets drunk and thinks he's the MC for the night and climbs on stage to announce each band and tell everyone they should party harder. This time he got on stage 8 times, for four bands, meaning he got on stage during the bands sets, and in one case, actually stopped the band mid song, needless to say, he needs a brain from the wizard before he gets something worse from everyone else... The 4th character, the tin man, is our mate Vaughan, who was looking for his heart outside the Winston pub (who had gotten upset at him for checking out someone else's hearts (ass)... and ran off down the road in a huff...)
At the end along comes a very happy team of enthusiasts skipping home to Dorothy and Toto. - Andrew Fouché

We started drawing our characters up in two different styles, neatly shaded tablet drawings and pen like rough drawings. After all of them were completed, we started laying them out in Photoshop on both the front and the back of the Hoodie.

Once we were finished, we had to crop our layout into A3 sections as we used Heat transfer to apply our imagery onto the Hoodie.

We got this done at the T-shirt printing stall in the Pavilion Shopping Center. The results were definitely pleasing and our Hoodie came out as Planned.

Finally, we used permanent marker to add some write ups for every main character and added the Hang Ten logo and tag


Mr. Garth Walker himself gave us this next project. It is for his iJusi magazine.

We are required to create a typeface that is unique to Africa. If our typeface is worthy, it will be used for the iJusi magazine issue #26 typografika. After brainstorming a few ideas, I settled for Wine bottles. Cape Town is very famous for this, thus it's quite unique. I acquired some wine bottles from the back of The Pavilion Shopping Center's recycling dump. I only had 10 bottles and I had to do 26 letters, so re-using is a must.

* First I painted each letter big onto the bottle until I ran out of clean bottles.
* Next I photographed each bottle separately with added props of grapes and glasses.
* After all the bottles are photographed, it was time to rinse each bottle and restart this process with the next batch of bottles.

Letter 'A'
Letter 'H'

DPS final

Once I completed this stage, I edited each photo in Photoshop, making sure each one's lighting is similar. These images were then dropped onto a layout I made based on this concept. The story behind the setting of my DPS is quite a sad story.

My concept for this typeface comes from the
common Cape Town Vineyard work environment.
The white paint on my bottles are inspired by the
white paint markings on the actual grapevines.
This combined with the bottles on the ground is
portraying the ‘Cape Coloured’ workers’ lifestyle.
It is illegal now, but it is still used by some of Cape
Town’s vineyard, is the ‘dop system’, where these
workers receieve wine in lieu of pay.
This is actually very sad, as the workers are
alchoholics and their children pay the consequences.
They are born with foetal alcohol syndrome, meening
they are born with facial deformities, an IQ of 75,
stunted growth and are prone to hyperactivity.
Six litres of ‘papsak’ a day and ‘mos’, which is a
home-made wine derived from her employer's grapes
is responsible for these workers’ addiction.

One Minute Movie

Poster 1
Poster 2
Poster 3

DPS base
As soon as our 3rd year of Graphic Design started at DUT, we immediately got working.

We were given a brief to create a one minute movie on 'anti-design.' After brain storming quite a few ideas, we stuck to the concept of 'slip ups can be step ups.' Basically our campaign evolves around good things can come from the unexpected and unwanted. After some planning and story boarding, we shot our movie with a everyday working young woman, waking up and getting ready for work as usual, but then nothing seems to go as planned for her. Little things go wrong like, her makeup smudges, her stockings get torn and before you know it, her whole look changes into a much more attractive punk rock chick. We had a lot of fun with this project and our one minute movie can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moA_Yu9qABc

My personal advertising campaign for this movie revolved around taking a happy pill and to chill when life gets you down.