Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Mr. Garth Walker himself gave us this next project. It is for his iJusi magazine.

We are required to create a typeface that is unique to Africa. If our typeface is worthy, it will be used for the iJusi magazine issue #26 typografika. After brainstorming a few ideas, I settled for Wine bottles. Cape Town is very famous for this, thus it's quite unique. I acquired some wine bottles from the back of The Pavilion Shopping Center's recycling dump. I only had 10 bottles and I had to do 26 letters, so re-using is a must.

* First I painted each letter big onto the bottle until I ran out of clean bottles.
* Next I photographed each bottle separately with added props of grapes and glasses.
* After all the bottles are photographed, it was time to rinse each bottle and restart this process with the next batch of bottles.

Letter 'A'
Letter 'H'

DPS final

Once I completed this stage, I edited each photo in Photoshop, making sure each one's lighting is similar. These images were then dropped onto a layout I made based on this concept. The story behind the setting of my DPS is quite a sad story.

My concept for this typeface comes from the
common Cape Town Vineyard work environment.
The white paint on my bottles are inspired by the
white paint markings on the actual grapevines.
This combined with the bottles on the ground is
portraying the ‘Cape Coloured’ workers’ lifestyle.
It is illegal now, but it is still used by some of Cape
Town’s vineyard, is the ‘dop system’, where these
workers receieve wine in lieu of pay.
This is actually very sad, as the workers are
alchoholics and their children pay the consequences.
They are born with foetal alcohol syndrome, meening
they are born with facial deformities, an IQ of 75,
stunted growth and are prone to hyperactivity.
Six litres of ‘papsak’ a day and ‘mos’, which is a
home-made wine derived from her employer's grapes
is responsible for these workers’ addiction.

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