Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Packaging - Doughnut 5Pack

When you think of buying some doughnuts, whether it's from Checkers, Spar or Woolworths, the packaging you get it in, isn't very appealing in any way.

For this project, I chose to redesign a 5 pack doughnut package for Woolworths.
I Chose this brand, because I enjoy the modern / clean look they strive to achieve and because their current packaging for this product isn’t very appealling.

1.    When I think of a doughnut pack, I think of fresh, colorful and visible doughnuts.
    So the first thing is to design a package that displays the lovely doughnuts that
    are inside. The doughnuts’ must be emphasized by sense.
    > Striking contrast between colors, so it stands out from shelf. I used Woolworth’s
        current style of bright color on black.
    > Clean and legible type on the packaging.
    > Cut out window to see and smell the contents inside.
    > Embossed type and imagery that enhances touch.
    > Shaped package to hold contents snug and more efficiently.
    > Possibility for series in this style, eg. Different characters and Colors.
    > Very easy and fast to assemble / disassemble.

2.    This new doughnut package design will have many advantages to any other predecessors.
    > Much more pleasing to look at.
    > Appeals to a bigger audience.
    > Fully recyclable.
    > Temps all human senses.

3.    Usage of the packaging is easy and effordless.
    > Can be stacked effectively in store for point of sale and promotion.
    > Easy to fold for staff and customers.
    > Less bulky and flimsy than previous bakery box designs.
    > Easier to disassemble and fold smaller for recycling.

First roughs / ideas of package.

Final package design die-cut illustration and further developed.

Final Design.

3D Illustration of Final Package Design.

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