Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Vitamins for Seniors - Dispenser

Pill Dispensers / Bottles are no problem to open if you're 23 years old, but for a senior over the age of 50 that might be suffering from arthritis, it can be near impossible.

A redesign was in order for a dispenser for everyone.

1.    For any senior, esspecially arthritis sufferers, it can be difficult and complicated
    to open medication bottles / dispensers. My aim was to formulate a vibrant,
    very easy to use and understand tablet dispenser.
    > Only one movement needed to dispense tablet.
    > Bright colors, so its always visible and easy to find.
    > No efford and no bending of fingers needed.
    > Safe for a family home, no sharp edges or detatchable parts.
    > Can be stored on kitchen counter and used daily without having to
        pack away in cupboard.
    > Fully recyclable.
    > Clear and big type on dispenser.

2.    For this tablet dispenser, the price would be a little more than the average container.
    It is driven by a mechanism inside for the release of the tablets and would add
    to the production cost. The average 200 tablet dispenser in this class, costs around
    R350 - R500. Cutting the need for packaging, as the dispenser is it’s own package
    and only has 3x stickers on it, the price would be R400 - R450. Its a very unique design
    and is definately worth the price. It is 100% recyclable plastic and if approved by the FDA,
    refillable at local pharmacies.

3.    The Dispencer is a semi rounded square shape with a soft rubber top that is
    gentle on any hands. The rubber top is pushed down easily and the mechanism inside
    releases a single tablet for every push. The tablets are released at the front bottom for
    ease of use with one hand.

 First roughs / ideas for dispenser.

Best ideas taken further into die-cut illustrations and finalised.

 3D Composition of final Vitamin Dispenser

Labels and Instructions.

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