Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Self Promotion

Self promotion is the aim for this project, and to create an image for yourself. A full corporate identity is required, a promotional item and a creative Curriculum Vitae. These should put emphasis on your strengths and style.

For my logo, I decided to not just go with my name, Jacques Hoffman. A name or alias I have used for many years, the jack3l was more appropriate as all my e-mail addresses start with the.jack3l......
and my blog is named jack3l designs. It was originally used as a gaming alias and abbreviated from Jacques (JACK). Added inspirations for this logo (name) are:
Gaming, Anubis (Jackal headed egyptian
God), Color and Drawing.

Here is the development of my logo:

Final Logo:

Corporate Identity:

Creative CV:
For my creative CURRICULUM VITAE I was inspired by good layout and type that compliment each other.
I also liked the idea of having my text at a 30’ degree angle.
Having lots of information, this needed to be subtle and easy to understand.
My format was standard A4, but double sided.

This A4 sheet folds into a perfect 105mm square.
With imagery on the front, back and inside, it guides and informs the reader what it contains as opened:

Promotional Items:
I will have two promotional items, a t-shirt and a mouse pad.
A t-shirt is still a very effective item for promotion and a mouse pad is needed by everyone today
and certainly all designers.

The main illustrations on these items will tell the story and define the jack3l.

The first will define the meaning of a jackal:
One of the main and unique characteristics of a jackal is it’s endurance.

The next illustration will define the creativity and design element of the jack3l and especially the  logo. The word doesn’t exist and shows creation and matches the ‘ance’ of the other words shown.

The last illustration is another difining element of the jack3l and the gaming influence.
It shocases the performance and fun side of my character.

For the t-shirt design, minimal text will be used, but and added QR code will be on the back, which can be scanned with most phones today and will then take you straight to my blog site.
The design will be on a white t-shirt and will be as follows:

For the mouse pad design, it will have an inverted color design to the t-shirt, as a darker mouse pad
is nicer to look at and keep clean. Important contact information will appear on the bottom of the pad.

The design will have two variations:

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