Tuesday, 20 September 2011

20 Sec Video - Global Warming

When I read the brief for this project, I wanted to either use Global warming or
The loss of bio diversity (habitat and species).
I ended up only using Global Warming.

My first 2 ideas were more based on animation and how we hold the world in our hands.
It was very literate and would show actual hands holding a polystyrene ball painted as the earth
with flames emited off every now and then until the hands are burnt so badly that it cant hold
the planet anymore and drops it to its doom, burning away to a crisp.

That idea would be a little boring so I came up with my final idea,
which is more humorous & ‘cheesy.’

It would show a cheesy guy in tight swimming trunks, with no care in the world getting ready
to go for a swim. Putting thick sunblock on his face and diving goggles on his head, he would make
his way to the pool doing some stretches. With his trunks pulled up into his but and showing some cheeks, he would do a magnificent swan dive only to then fall face first into an empty, hard pool.
Basically it means Global warming has got to the point where there isn’t even any water
due to the Sun drying it all up. :)

I didin’t add any slogan or catch frase at the end as it is quite obvious and done in a popular MTV style.

I had various styles in mind when we got this project. At first I wanted to do animation, but
finally settled with stop motion.
Once I had my idea, I planned each scene for the video. I want the viewer
to be held with the message for about 4-5 seconds, so my video had to be 15-16 seconds.
The ideal speed for me would be 10 frames per second (fps), so I would need about
150 - 160 photos.

All the frames were shot with my Canon 500D on
f - 6.3
exp - 1/200 sec
iso - 200 (last 3 frames on 200)
The editing I did in Sony Vegas 10.
Music used - Mischief Brew - 07 - Swing Against The Nazis.
The resolution - 1920 x 1080 (300mb file) & 720 x 480 (70mb file)
Frame rate rendered - 15 fps.
Format - .mov & .mp4

Some of these frames are duplicated in the video to enhance its effect.
On the last frame, the MTV & CONE logos will appear.

Here is the Video (click on Youtube icon for better viewing)

Special thanks to Chris Buckles for his awesome modelling skills
and Andrew Fouché for lending an extra hand :)

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